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Joseph Robert Gillotti of JRG Productions at http://www.jrgp.org Write Way Designs, Inc. provides an array of services including well-written, visually appealing, easy-to-navigate, and logically organized websites for small businesses, startup companies, online resumes, blogs, e-commerce sites, social and professional networking sites, and more!

We partner with Web Programmer/Software Engineer Joe Gillotti, President of JRG Productions and Joe Gillotti.com, to create blogs, forums, polls, shout boxes, chat rooms, interactive websites, and graphics, using Adobe Creative Suite CS, including FrameMaker, Dreamweaver, RoboHELP, Photoshop, and Fireworks; Microsoft Office Professional, including Word, Excel, Outlook, Visio, Project, SharePoint; Open Office, including Writer, Art, Math, and Calc; and Gimp, Geany, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, Python, Perl, Ruby, Bash, PostgreSQL,(X)HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.

Joe Gillotti also partners with Ricky Meyers for GENTLEMEN AND SCHOLAR WEB HOSTING for affordable, high quality website hosting services. Contact Joe and Ricky at support@gshost.us today!

We are also available for server administration (Linux, FreeBSD), website hosting, PC troubleshooting and upgrading, and networking/technical support.

Please review resumes for Joe Gillotti (Web Programmer/System Admin ResumeHERE and HERE) and Susana Rosende (HERE and HERE). Then, contact us about your project today!

For one example of our website design, click Liz Seif Designs.
Also, view thumbnail samples of more designs below:

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