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The Ordinary Joe
How to survive the economy, fight foreclosure, and find a job!
by Shannon Manning and Susana Rosende

Writers Susana Rosende and Sharon Manning of Write Way Designs

Scribbles by Sharon
Helpful Budgeting Tips by Sharon Manning

Sharon ManningBookkeeper, Copywriter, Creative Writer,Poet-For-Hire

Random Ramblings
Random ramblings and musings by Susana Maria Rosende

Susana Maria Rosende of Write Way DesignsCreative Writer, Copywriter, Technical Writer, Resume Writer, Technical Editor, Technical Translator (English/Spanish), Proofreader, Artist, Cartoonist, Photographer

Less is More: A Lay Down the Beef and Fight Kinda Thing
On becoming Vegetarian by Brian Christopher Lutz

Brian Christopher Lutz Film Scorer, Composer, Musician, Creative Writer, Author, Poet,
Copywriter, Technical Writer, Song Writer, Lyricist,
Playwright, Actor, Script Doctor, Photographer

Vegetarian Tips and Recipes with Brian Christopher Lutz
by Jue Zou Lutz

Jue Zou Lutz Advertising and Media Marketing Guru, Technical Translator (English/Mandarin Chinese), Photographer

Debian Addict
Tech Blog by Joseph Robert Gillotti

Joseph Robert Gillotti of JRG Productions - JRGPWeb Programmer, Software Engineer, System Administrator, Network Engineer, IT Guru, Inventor

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Write Way Designs Team Susana Maria Rosende, Brian Christopher Lutz, Jue Zou Lutz, Joseph Robert Gillotti

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