Jue Zou Lutz of Write Way Designs at Thank you for your interest in a career at Write Way Designs. We are always looking for bright, energetic people to join our team.

Currently, Write Way Designs is seeking interns!

If you are in college, an internship is a great way to gain valuable hands-on experience to give you an edge over other applicants, build your portfolio, and arm yourself with a great reference. Even better, internships usually offer flexible schedules around your college classes, and many allow for off-site/telecommuting work. You may even get academic credit through your school!

Do a great job for Write Way Designs, and we'll not only help you with your resume, but, place you at the top of our list for when a paid position becomes available. We will also post your resume on our site, and give your future employer a glowing review of your work.
We are also seeking workers for miscellaneous jobs, so if you are a skilled and professional self-starter who takes pride in your work, read our entire list of opportunities. If you are looking for an entrepreneurial environment, and you are fanatical about customer service, we would love to talk with you.

Please take a look at our current openings, and then contact us at 407-670-9554 or if interested in any of our current opportunities!

Current Openings

Susana Maria Rosende

Career Positions

The following internship positions require the ability to work off-site for telecommuting:
    Off-site, telecommuting jobs at Write Way Designs
  • Web Programming Interns majoring in Computer Science or Web Programming and with in-depth knowledge of Java, PHP, Flash, CSS, and Web Design. Seeking interns with good front-end design skills and interns with excellent back-end programming expertise for dynamic websites. Must present online portfolio and references. Must have Internet access.

    Add to your portfolio! (Unpaid Internship to start)

  • Susana Maria Rosende
  • Blogging Couple or Roommates, co-habiting roommates or married couple, for new Blog column for how to survive this recession on a shoe-string budget. May take creative "He said/She said" stance. Must have excellent English grammar and strong research and creative writing skills. Must have writing samples. Must have Internet access and be willing to be filmed for a YouTube promotional video.

    Publish your own column on our website! Make a name for yourself with your own byline! (Unpaid Internship to start)

  • Susana Maria Rosende
  • Journalist/Blogger
  • majoring in English, Journalism, Photojournalism, Communications, or Economics to write stories about local job loss, foreclosures, gas prices, and the economy with an emphasis on the personal story. Must have excellent English grammar, research, journalism, and creative writing skills. Must present writing samples and/or online portfolio. Must have Internet access and either work with a photographer or videographer or have photography and film editing skills. Video accompanying story must be editable and uploadable to

    Publish your own column on our website! Make a name for yourself with your own byline! (Unpaid Internship to start)

  • Article Writers majoring in English, Journalism, or Communications, with strong English grammar, creative writing, and research skills. Must have Internet access.

    Make a name for yourself with your own byline! (Unpaid Internship to start)

Join our happy team of freelancers and interns today!

Miscellaneous Jobs

The following positions require on-site work: Susana Maria Rosende
  • Responsible High School or College or Pre-Veterinary or Veterinary student to dog-and-cat sit including feeding, walking, bathing, petting, and playing. Must have flexible on-call schedule.
    (Paid - $10 per hour)

  • Susana Maria Rosende
  • Lawn care person or service for mowing, mulching, trimming, weeding, and pruning lawn, shrubs, and trees on the premises.
    (Paid - $20 per week)

  • Susana Maria Rosende
  • Cleaning Service for both heavy and light housekeeping and de-cluttering. Must not be allergic to dogs, cats, dust, dirt, brooms, vacuums, mops, scrub brushes, soap, bleach, or hard work. Must be high-energy with excellent organizational skills and attention to detail. Must love to clean! Experienced with animal care and/or yard work and/or maintenance and repair, a plus. Must be available Saturdays and have own transportation. (Position may become available for on-site, resident housekeeper.)
    (Paid - $10 per hour)

  • Susana Maria Rosende
  • Handy Man or Woman for maintenance and repairs. Must be able to lift 50 pounds, handle a paint brush, and be good at fixing things. Must be available Saturdays and have own transportation.
    (Paid - $10 per hour)


Interested candidates, please do the following:
  1. Send resume (formatted in Word 2003 or 2007) to
  2. In the Subject Line, please specify job title for which you are applying.
  3. Include names and phone numbers of at least three recent references.
  4. Be available to interview on Saturdays.
  5. Call 407-670-9554 to confirm interest and to follow up on the status of position.
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