Wedding & Portrait Photography, Pet Portraits, and Photojournalism

by Susana Maria Rosende

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Our Team

Susana Maria Rosende

Susana Maria Rosende of Write Way Designs

Brian Christopher Lutz

Brian Christopher Lutz Music Composition Technical Writing

Jue Zou Lutz

Jue Zou Lutz

Joseph Robert Gillotti

Joseph Robert Gillotti of JRG Productions - JRGP

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Susana: technical writing, copywriting, creative writing, translation & interpretation (English/Spanish), illustration, photography, cartooning, design | 1-407-670-9554 | 1-321-200-0073

Joe: software programming, back-end website programming,
systems & server administration, networking, PC repair | | 1-407-421-8593

Brian: copywriting, creative writing, poetry, technical writing, music composition,
Music theory & basic piano & classical guitar instruction,
song writing, lyrics, script doctoring, play writing, musicals | 1-407-492-6507 | 1-407-492-6572

Jue: advertising, SEO, marketing, translation & interpretation (English/Mandarin Chinese) | 1-407-492-6572

Patrick: technical translation (English/French) | +33 (0) 322 235 891

Sharon: copywriting, research, creative writing, poetry, & bookkeeping | 1-561-389-4865
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